“ The best physics demonstration created in the past 100 years! “

Quantum Levitation is so counter-intuitive it will make you re-think the world around you!
The only table-top #QuantumPhysics experiment is finally available.

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Mini-maglev outreach demo

A portable ‘Mini-maglev’ kit that shows both levitation and suspension of a superconductor.

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DIY Quantum Levitation Kit

Create your own maglev track and perform numerous experiments with a DIY Quantum Levitation kit.

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Quantum Levitation
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Is Quantum Locking and Quantum Levitation real? (YES! it is!)
Find out for yourself and experience amazing physics with Superconductor Levitators and DIY various kits.
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YBCO Meissner & Flux pinning Levitation Disk
  • 35mm⌀, 8mm high YBCO thin layers thermally insulated and covered with multiple protective layers.
Quantum Extended Duration Levitators
Quantum Ed Levitators
Quantum Enhanced Levitators
Quantum Standard Levitators


Discovered 100 years ago, continues to fascinate and attract the interest of scientists and non-scientists all around the globe. Being the only quantum phenomena visible to the naked eye, it offers a unique window to quantum mechanics.

Introducing the Magnetic Levitation Science Fair Kit: an easy-to-use, educational, and exhilarating showcase of magnetic levitation technology designed for both students and teachers. This kit provides all the necessary components to explore and demonstrate the principles of maglev systems at home or in a classroom setting. With simple, clear instructions and high quality magnets, it offers an unconventional and exciting way to bring the thrill of science directly to your fingertips, perfect for igniting curiosity and fostering a love for learning at science fairs and beyond.
The scientific world is in turmoil. Room temperature superconductivity has been discovered. Or so it seems.  Let's explore some issues with the latest LK-99 publications and videos.
Are you tired of the same old baking soda volcanoes and potato batteries at science fairs? If you're looking to stand out from the crowd and impress the judges, it's time to get creative and think outside the box! In this article, we'll explore some unconventional science fair project ideas that are sure to wow both judges and audiences alike. From exploring the effects of music on plant growth to investigating the relationship between sleep and memory retention, these unique project ideas will pique the judges' interest and spark insightful conversations. By delving into lesser-known scientific concepts and taking a hands-on approach, you'll demonstrate your passion for learning and your ability to think critically. Whether you have a natural curiosity for the world around you or simply want to make a lasting impression, these unconventional science fair project ideas are the perfect way to showcase your talents and creativity. Prepare to wow the judges with projects that push the boundaries of traditional science fair experiments. Get ready to think outside the beaker and step into the lab with these innovative ideas!

Users' Testimonials

Quantum Levitation Science Fair Project
“I did indeed look into the subject of Quantum Levitation, and my experiment was on insulators and how some could increase or decrease the longevity of the levitation.
Actually, I won the science fair with the highest average score in the entire middle school. I’ll be going on to regionals after the new year where I compete against middle and high school students!”
Nathan C, Science student 
Quantum Levitation outreach demo

“Your track, array and superconductor are the best investment we have made.”

Hands on with Quantum Physics!

“The quality of the product is superb.  I was delighted (and a little surprised) to see how long the superconductors were able to stay cold enough to retain their superconducting nature. I gave the students safety instruction on how to use liquid nitrogen and then lead them through a quick activity of some cool things that liquid nitrogen can do.  Then I allowed them to investigate and explore with the superconductors.  I started them out with just the handheld magnets.  They eventually got to the point where they said it would be cool if they could make a bigger track for it to go on.  That is when I brought out the circular track.  They were again amazed. ”

Jon M Morrison Academy Taiwan

Engaging student with physics
“We have used this superconducting demo kit for several outreach events for many different audiences and have found that not only does it draw students, professors, and children to our booth, but it also starts an engaging conversation about science regardless of the viewing demographic. We have a poster describing superconductivity that we have used to compliment the activity, describing how the phenomenon works on a fundamental level, allowing for a deeper discussion of the science behind the ‘magic’.”
The best science demo in the past 100 years!

“Your demos are great. We do a cryogenics show on stage 3 times a  day. The public love it, we use it to talk about future technology and  how superconductors have the potential to change a lot of technology.”

C.É. Canada Science and Technology Museum


The best science demo in the past 100 years!

“This is the best physics demonstration created in the past 100 years!”

Sam. S. 

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