Quantum levitation specializes in and offers a wide range of innovative, advanced Quantum levitation products designed for science fair experiments, science project ideas, culinary displays and more.

About Us
About Us

Serving top tier universities as well as hundreds of consumers worldwide, Quantum Levitation provides quality products with personalized service and support with every purchase. The company was founded by top physicists in the field of magnetic levitation. We are focused on developing and building levitation technologies that can be adapted and used in various consumer products. Quantum Levitation’s mission is to continue to design and develop new products in the field of Quantum Levitation solving our customers’ needs at any size & scale.

Why Choose Quantum Levitation?
Why Choose Quantum Levitation?

Are you looking for magnetic or Quantum levitation, science experiment and science fair projects? Do you want an online retailer that values you as a customer and has years of experience in the field of magnetic levitation?.

Whether you need a science project idea, a science kit for an upcoming science fair or something that will set your culinary display apart from the rest, Quantum Experience has you covered. The technology behind our products, licensed from Tel-Aviv University superconductivity lab, is the future of energy efficient transportation and will give designers and researchers the tools they need to explore new ideas.

The Quantum Experience team will be there before, during and after every sale, to help you with your order and answer any questions you may have about our technology and products.

Get Social with Quantum Levitation
Get Social with Quantum Levitation

Shop our selection of science and culinary kits at Quantum Levitation today and see what we have in store for you. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to become a part of the Quantum Levitation online community and be the first to see what the Quantum Experience team comes up with next.

Client Testimonials

S. S.
star star star star star
Jan 2021

This is the best physics demonstration created in the past 100 years!

C. É.
star star star star star

Your demos are great. We do a cryogenics show on stage 3 times a  day. The public love it, we use it to talk about future technology and  how superconductors have the potential to change a lot of technology.

B. G.
star star star star star

We use your kit for outreach events with many different audiences and  have found that not only does it draw students, professors, and  children to our booth, but it also starts an engaging conversation  about science regardless of the viewing demographic.

star star star star star

Before my time at the school they only taught classical mechanics and  geometric optics. Being able to explore superconductors should help  get the kids excited about a possible career in physics or any STEM  field.

D. W.
star star star star star

Your track, array and superconductor are the best investment we  have made for our outreach program.

C. D.
star star star star star

Everything looks perfect.

Your organization has the best customer service.”

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