It’s not
magic, it’s

Superconductor levitation is available

Quantum Levitation and 3D locking is so counter-intuitive and
bizarre, it will make you rethink what you know about physics.

We want our kids to be excited about science! The Quantum Levitation kit lets you
explore levitation and suspension of a supecondcutor, design your own maglev
tracks and perfrom experiments for your projects.

Order $350 $135

I won the science fair with the highest average score in the entire middle school!!

Nathan C, Scienct student

“This is the best physics demonstration created in the past 100 years!”


“Your track, array and superconductor are the best investment we have made.”

D.W. Head of Science Outreach Badminton School, UK

“Your demos are great! The public love it, we use it to talk about future technologies.”


“We use your kit for outreach events.. it draws students, professors, and children to our booth, and engage in conversation about science.“

B Oregon State University

It allowed students to investigate and explore superconductors. They were amazed.

Jon M Morrison Academy Taiwan

Science Experiment

Superconductors conduct electricty without resistance or energy loss and posess unique magnetic properties. Superconductivity only occurs below a specific temeprature (Tc) and is the only quantum effect that can be experienced and investigated on a macroscopic scale without expensive equipment. The ‘Superconductivity kit’ was developed as an  entry level rig for students to explore Quantum Levitation and Quantum Locking.

More than 10 unique experiments:

  • The Meissner effect
  • Flux pinning (Quantum Locking)
  • Superconducting currents
  • Friction-less motion
  • Maglev track
  • Superconductor (Quantum Levitator, ⌀3.5cm / ⌀1.4”)
  • NdFeB disc magnet (N35, 1×Ø10 mm)
  • 60x NdFeB block magnets (N35, 10X10x2 mm)
  • Plastic tweezers
  • Magnetic steel plate
  • Experiments manual

Q: Do I need liquid nitrogen to perform the experiments?
A: Yes, but don’t worry. It’s easy to obtain, safe to use when handled properly, and not so expensive. Contact a local welding shop or gas supplier and ask them to fill a
thermos with 2-3 liters. That should be enought for a day of experimenting.

Q: Do I need speciel protective gear?
A: It’s always recommended to use goggles and safety gloves when handlign liquid nitrogen.

Q: Are the magnets safe?
A: Magnets are not toys (!). We use super strong Nd magnets that could be harmfull if swallowed. Be extra carefull around small children and never swallow the magnets.





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About us

As quantum physicists we’ve been working on superconductors for the last 15 years and we wanted to share our love of science & physics with our kids. We created Quantum Experience to educate and share our enthusiasm about superconductors, quantum physics and science.